LTI Smart Glass

Funding Partners:

  • PERC CDBG Small Business Loan
  • MA Economic Development Incentive Program
  • MGCC – MA Growth Capital Corporation (Formerly CDFC)
  • MassDevelopment – MA Development Finance Agency
  • PERC State-funded Technical Assistance Grant
  • City of Pittsfield Economic Development Fund

Financial Assistance:

  • $100,000 loan for working capital related to the business expansion
  • $20,000 for engineering, legal and construction consultation during the move to and expansion of a new facility.

Company Overview:

LTI is a leading provider of innovative laminated glass and polymer projects. Remaining vertically integrated in the process from start to finish allows them to stay on the cutting-edge of development. Their goal of both a physical plant move and consequent expansion ensured they couldĀ  continue controlling the process from innovation through delivery. PERC was able to help with quite a bit of funding and the resulting expansion created an increase in jobs for the community.