Marketplace Café

Funding Partners:

  • PERC CDBG Small Business Loan
  • PERC CDBG Technical Assistance Grant
  • PERC State-funded Technical Assistance Grant

Financial Assistance:

  • $30,000 loan for working capital, equipment and inventory for new business in downtown Pittsfield
  • $15,000 for accounting, point-of-sale system, legal, architectural and engineering services for new business in downtown Pittsfield

Company Overview:

Part of helping the community thrive is recognizing the potential of existing business owners. With the success of Marketplace Catering’s other locations and ventures, they were intrigued by the opportunity for a new location downtown. PERC encouraged the project with enough funding to get the new location open and underway. The new Marketplace Café is now located next to the Beacon Cinema in a part of North Street that’s becoming more lively by day and night thanks to these new investments.